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ALE is Automatic Link Establishment for HF radio communications.
HFLINK is the best website for information about ALE Automatic Link Establishment.
HF Portable is the use of HF communications in a portable or mobile environment, usually with battery or generator power.
HF Portable Antenna is a good site for Portable HF Antennas.
HF Emergency communications are used whenever the communications infrastructure is down.
HF Emergency communications via ALE is interoperative.
Ham Radio portable or amateur radio portable and mobile.
ALE antenna is used with HF radios that use Automatic Link Establishment.
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PCALE and the PCALE download site has the PCALE software.
These are for PCALE ALE software.
There are other types of communications systems.
JT65. JT65b JT65a frequencies are listed on the JT65A download website or JT65A software site.
Olivia digital mode frequencies and the Olivia frequencies are explained on the Olivia website.
JT65a digital mode is a weak signal ham radio communication method used on HF and 6 meters.

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